Supplying some of the world's tastiest apples and pears to the UK market since 1989.

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OrchardWorld was founded in 1989 as a specialist topfruit supplier.

Quality fruit procured from all continents around the world to ensure a seamless supply of products for their customers and consumers alike.

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Allow us to introduce you to our wide range of apple and pear varieties from the UK and around the world...

Concept Orchard

In April 2006 we planted our first 1 hectare Concept Orchard in Kent. This project has enabled our growers to adopt a new intensive planting system and plant feeding programme which has doubled the crop potential per hectare.

Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement

Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement

One of our most basic beliefs is that everyone should have the opportunity to work in a respectful and professional environment. All of our employees have a personal responsibility for maintaining a respectful work atmosphere, free of abusive or unprofessional conduct.

Our commitment to respect in the workplace extends beyond our organisation and includes working with all our suppliers nationally and internationally to support a fair and respectful workplace for all. Working with our suppliers and partners we promote ethical principles and practices with the aim of preventing the exploitation and abuse associated with modern slavery and human trafficking worldwide. We also expect commitment to these principles from all organisations with which we do business and will not support or do business knowingly with organisations involved in slavery or human trafficking.